Federal Law Requires all LEAs to locate, identify and evaluate students suspected of being disabled.  Full comprehensive assessments to identify disabilities are available at no cost to all children residing in the district.  Once eligibility is determined, the following services are available:


Opportunities for children with disabilities that affect their learning to access as much academic and supplemental courses in classrooms with non disabled peers.  Special educational support and assistance is supplied in the regular classroom.

Inclusion classes

Preschool (ages 3-5) program provides early intervening developmental services to eligible children.  Services include speech & language therapy, physical and occupational therapy, skills readiness, and developmental classroom.

Steps Ahead

Resource classes

Certified special education teachers instructing students with disabilities in a “pull out” model for math, reading and language arts instruction.

Comprehensive Developmental Classroom (CDC)

Children identified with severe disabilities are served in specialized CDC classrooms.  Students are involved in academic, life skills, and vocational curriculum.

Speech & Language Services


Behavior/Intervention & Training Programs

(BIT grades 7-12, BITE grades K-6)


Certified speech & language pathologists provide services for children with language and speech impairments.

This is a program designed to enrich and challenge children identified as intellectually gifted.  One certified, highly qualified teacher provides these services by traveling to all Marshall County Schools.

Students with severe behavioral/emotional concerns are enrolled in programs located at MES for grades K-6 and LMS for grades 7-12. Behavior/Social Skills training, academic skills, vocational skills, and counseling are available.

Marshall County Schools

Special Education

Julie Thomas, Coordinator


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