Assessments are important to the teaching and learning process. They empower educators to make the right decisions for students.

Text Box: Different tests have different purposes.

Formative assessments are used to modify a teacherís instruction. Some are formal tests like chapter tests while others are more spontaneous such as when a teacher checks for understanding during instruction.

Summative assessments show if† learning has been retained and can be applied. They also demonstrate if students have an overall mastery of grade level expectations.

All assessments help students know how they learn and what they have mastered. The most important outcome of tests is feedback and perspective.

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The EOC is a summative test given in 9-12 courses to assess student knowledge in the math, English, and science areas.

TCAP is an achievement test given to grades 3-8 to assess mastery of grade level competencies.

The ACT is a national test to benchmark college and career readiness.

NAEP is a national assessment of what 4th and 8th grades students know in math, reading, and science.

RTI-RTI- Response to Intervention- Tennessee's intervention program is called RTI. Students  receive extra help in their specific skill deficit during this time.

Universal Screener- This is a quick assessment given to each student in grades K-6 to determine if they need to receive intervention services.  DIBELS reading and DIBELS math is the name of our screener.

Students will spend less time taking standardized tests, and testing will be confined to the end of the school year.

Teachers will have planning materials called Blueprints at the beginning of school. They are very similar to last yearís Blueprints.

Tests will be taken with pencil and paper, but some high schools may choose to test their students online.

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